Saturday, November 17, 2007


Dad: Today we did an activity called the Turkey shoot. A group of us from church went down and enjoyed sausage and pancakes and lots of shotgun action. A pretty cool helicopter, an apache I believe, flew over low while we were there.

Fall Festival

Dad: Our kids have been going on and on for weeks about the Fall Festival. This is something that the school puts on to raise funds. I was surprised to discover that they put on a full blown carnival right at the the fall. The weather was great. Poor McKay really wanted to do things but he is too small. I took him through an inflatable caterpillar and it terrified him.

The girls did a cakewalk and I wanted them to win. (I still remember when I was in elementary school and a kid pushed me off my spot when the music stopped and that was the winning spot. Oh well.) After $4.00 worth of trying with the girls we still had no cake. I would have been better off to buy a cake. At least we supported the school.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Breakfast at South Mountain

Dad: On the 10th of November we ate breakfast with our local church at South Mountain Park. It is crazy to realize that this late in the year you can have a fantastic outdoor activity first thing in the morning.

Gabi: We got to make a turkey after breakfast. It looked real silly.
Katie: Katie went on the swings.

Dad: Earlier in the week in the evening the church did a tri-stake youth dance at a larger campsite. It was really cool that they can do that kind of stuff outdoors, late in the year.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Dad: On November 3rd we ate dinner at IKEA (Danielle's idea). Going anywhere in public with McKay is a little rough. They ran out of what I wanted to eat and so I got a bunch of meatballs.

Gabi: I got to watch tv before I ate. I got a lot of really yummy foods. I love them all.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday afternoon Drawing.

Gabi says that she did this picture for her family, and especially for her parents. Gabi: "See what's in Dad's hand? It is a basketball. Mom has a brush in her hands. I wrote love because my parents are married and that would make more sense. I drew a heart around my parents. I underlined love because that's the most important part. I put red shoes on mom because she is a girl. Hi to all of you. Love Gabi."

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Rocked! Viva the Incredibles!

Dad: These are photos from Halloween this year. It was pretty cool to be in Phoenix this year. The weather was warm and we didn't have to cover up our costumes with coats. Thanks to my sister who worked at Disney this year, our whole family has these costumes of the Incredibles. One of my best memories from this Halloween was at a house that went over the top to be scary. They had spooky music blaring and animated creatures that came to life when you walked by. The best part, however, was how they had people dressed up in scary costumes with blinking eyes and battle axes and claws and they chased the older kids down the street.

Gabi: At the Halloween party at church we saw someone dressed up in a monster costume.

Dad: Yeah, the Halloween party at the church was very cool. The haunted room that was in it was very well done, with vampires, gargoyles, etc. The adults did a great job too. There were many rooms decorated around the church and lots of activities.

Gabi: We did pin the tail on the cat.

Dad: The home made root beer was delicious

Gabi: Also, the root beer smoke coming out of it but it was really cool and delicious, just like Dad said. We had a bag full of candy after Halloween and we still have a bag FULL of candy.

Mom: McKay ate probably 10 suckers. And his Jack Jack costume was riddled in dried sugar syrup slobber. He seemed to really get into the idea of going around to the neighbors and collecting candy.

Katie: I got a bunch of candy. I was wearing an Incredibles costume. At school I colored this [a pumpkin]. This is me, I'm a pumpkin head.

Mom: 20 different people must have said "Hey, it's the Incredibles, awesome". And Dad even met his nemesis, Syndrome.

Dad: Yeah, most people missed it, but the family where the Dad dressed as Syndrome was pretty excited and got lots of photos.

Gabi: I went to so many houses that my legs got so tired I started to complain. But still, I liked Halloween, it was fun.