Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Letter 2012

Kettles Family 2012

The last 5 years our family has been very quiet in terms of interacting with friends and family.  Emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically we have sort of been in a black hole while I’ve been in school getting a PhD.  We’ve been able to receive outside interaction but we really weren’t in a position to reach back out effectively because of the nature of the situation.

Fortunately we seem to have survived and this Fall I accepted a position at the University of Central Oklahoma. How we ended up here is a long story that I won’t go into but so far I am absolutely thrilled to be here.  I currently teach a required course for all business students that covers how technology is used in business.

Danielle took a position at a local elementary school where she assists in the special needs classes. It is a rewarding job but requires a lot of physical exertion.

Gabriella is 12 and goes to middle school.  She plays the piano and the violin and has participated in several concerts this year.  She is a pretty girl but is really only into video games. 

Katie is almost 11 and is completing her last year of elementary school.  It has been a quiet semester for her.  She is well-liked at school by teachers and students but is very quiet and never gets into any trouble.

McKay (6) is doing fairly well in school.  He loves being around other kids and playing.  He loves being the center of attention, such as when he told the whole class recently that he forgot to wear underwear to school.  Sadly he hasn’t had any kids come over to play since we have moved here and he desperately wants to find some friends to play with outside of school hours.

We hope that this next year brings lots of blessings to each of you and we want you to know that you are in our hearts and prayers.


The Kettles