Monday, January 12, 2009

Trip to Mexico - Rocky Point

Katie: The ice cream was really good and I really like the rainbow sherbet. One day I would really like the ice cream again. I hope that no one is being mean to me when I have the ice cream.

There are different kinds of ice cream. There is ice cream sandwiches. There is ice cream in cones. And there is ice cream in bowls and cups. Some ice creams are good. Some ice creams are bad. But the best ice creams of all might be cookie dough and chocolate chip.

I saw a lit up Christmas tree. I was the hotel. It had a Macuzzi pool (jacuzzi). And one day I would want to go there again.

Gabi: Gabi's trip to Mexico.

I liked the cylinder ice cream, the shells, the little souvenir, the fancy hotel, the comfy bed, and I liked relaxing. I really loved it how there were people begging us to buy things and there were two horses! There were a lot of people there, so it was really crowded. It was really windy so when we went for a walk, the stroller almost blew away! Luckily I ran after in and grabbed it. I got wet.